Sally Hutchinson


Everlasting Flower*
MIX 25x25cm
Too Beautiful to Draw*
MIX 19x24cm
Spring to Life*
MIX 30x25cm
Pt Roadknight
MIX 122x91cm
What I Like
MIX 76x51cm
No Bright Colours
MIX 76x51cm
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About Sally Hutchinson

Sally Hutchinson is a Bayside artist in Melbourne, and parent of two teenage children.

She obtained her Diploma of Art and Design at Swinburne College specialising in
Graphic Design and went on to work successfully in advertising and design studios
for several years.

In recent times she has concentrated on her love of painting incorporating her
knowledge of colour, pattern, detail, textures, typography and even hand stitching
onto the paper or canvas. Her use of hand painted tissue paper absorbs and blends
subtle background tones enhanced with cotton fibres, nature elements and hand stitching.

“I love the result that tissue paper adds - the soft muted tones and
the play of movement”

She has exhibited at local Art Shows and received “Highly Commended” by
Michele Stockley, a senior educator at the National Gallery of Victoria, for her
artwork at the Caulfield Grammar Art Show 2010. She also received an
Exhibition Prize at the Mornington Peninsula Art Show in 2013 and “Highly Commended”at Brunswick Arts Show 2014.

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2014 - Albert Park College Art Show, Kew ‘Splash’ Art Show, Brunswick South Arts Show,
           St Leonards College Art Show, Linden Postcard Show

2013 - Linden Postcard Show, Mornington Peninsula Art Show, Bayside Art Show, Ripper Art Show,

          Canterbury Art Show

2012 - Pink Lady Art Show, Canterbury Art Show, Caulfield Grammar Art Show, Linden Postcard Show

2011 - Canterbury Art Show, Ripper Art Show, Albert Park College

2010 - Pink Lady Art Show, Canterbury Art Show, Caulfield Grammar Art Show, Strathcona Art Show

2009 - Pink Lady Art Show

2008 - Brighton Primary Art Show


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