Sheena Hanrahan


Female Nude I
ACRYLIC 40x30cm
Female Nude II
ACRYLIC 40x30cm
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About Sheena Hanrahan

Sheena completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (painting) at VCA in 2000. During this time she began working with the female nude. Since completing her studies Sheena has continued to explore the nude with an interest in simplification and stylization of the figure.

In 2002 Sheena finished a Diploma in Education / Visual Art and has been working as a secondary teacher ever since. She is currently the Head of Art at Alia College.

Outside the classroom she has continued to develop her approach to figurative painting and has participated in group exhibitions at galleries such as 69 Smith St., Ozframe, 4Cats and Port Art. She also had a solo show at Café Forte in 2001.

Sheena's exploration of the female nude focuses on simplification, expression brushstrokes and strong light and shadow. She develops work from photos, creating a series of drawings before painting on canvas.

Some artistic influences are Jenny Saville, Alberto Giacometti and Henri Matisse. Her interest in the nude is aesthetic combined with a desire to depict the female form from a subjective point of view. As part of the visual stylization she does not include facial features. This allows the image to become a universal depiction of the female nude.

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