Siân Dodd


After The Burn
ACR 80x100cm
OIL 75x95cm
Snappy Gums
ACR 70x70cm
Lightly Treed
OIL 80x78cm
White Trunks *
INK 30x30cm
Drought *
INK 30x30cm
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About Siân Dodd

Since graduating from RMIT in 1978 (BA Fine Art) making art has been a central and cherished raison d'etre in my life.  I find making marks on canvas or paper an endlessly satisfying experience. Often I'm unsure what direction a painting will take as I tend to work fairly intuitively. 

My work has changed stylistically over the years, however its source, the natural environment, remains constant.  I use the landscape as a springboard into my work. It provides me with clues to the colors, textures, moods, rhythms etc. Ultimately my work is not about creating an accurate depiction of a particular landscape, but more my  response to it. Topography becomes flattened, and natural elements appear as daubs, scribbles, and marks of pigment. My aim is to distill an essence in each work. I love that the making of a painting provides an opportunity for a new journey, with an unknown destination every time.

I have work represented in numerous corporate and private collections, both in Australia and overseas. Some most recent awards include: 2014 Best in Show (shared) Art Red Hill and 2015; Best work (shared) Warranwood Art Exhibition

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