Sophie Maragos


Turn Your Back on Time
mixed 85x60cm
#330   $800
The Three Graces
mixed 85x60cm
#331   $800
Pages from the Past
mixed 85x60cm
#332   $800
*Lost in Time 1
mixed 30x30cm
#333   $380
*Lost in Time 2
mixed 30x30cm
#334   $380
mixed 30x30cm
#335   $380
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About Sophie Maragos

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving the house" - Twyla Tharp

I often retreat to my world of art as an escape from the hum of everyday life. Here is where I love to experiment and create, using a variety of media. For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for colour, pattern, design and anything handmade. I have a background in teaching and Interior Design, but my passion lies in creating beautiful pieces of art.

My current fascination is with statues and relics from the past. From my travels to Greece and Europe I have been inspired to incorporate images of ancient statues and figures into my art. I use these with mixed media incoporating collage, water colour, markers and paper cutting. 

Some of my work is currently at Geelong Art Space for the "Doing It Differently" exhibition, on till March 29th 2020.

I derive great pleasure in creating these pieces of art and I hope you get as much pleasure in interacting with them.

Sophie Maragos

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