Sue Bayre


Violin in Waiting
pastel 50x55cm
Parked (St Andrews Cars)
pastel 60x55cm
High Tea
pastel 50x50cm
*200 Yds
pastel 30x30cm
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About Sue Bayre

I am foremost a pastellist as I love the ease of applying pastel and its tactile experience which I’m sure harks back to my early love of finger painting. I apply the pastel in layers to make soft smudges, strong contrasts and hard edges. Pastel offers me an incredible range of jewel-like colour.

I have been painting for over 20 years and annually exhibit with the Nell Street Painters. I find that the challenge of painting for an exhibition and exhibiting continues to excite me – but I still paint foremost for my personal pleasure and relaxation.

I have also for the last 12 months been teaching painting classes. It has brought me great satisfaction to pass on my love of the pastel medium to other artists and in return I learn something new from my students every week

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