Susan Czermak


Stone Cabin in the Poppies
w/c 54x44cm
Morning Light, Goulburn Valley
w/c 34x44cm
Essence of Tuscany
w/c 82x100cm
Medieval Ruelle, S.W. France
w/c 34x44cm
*I've Got Attitude
w/c 30x25cm
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About Susan Czermak

Susan Czermak - Biography


Susan Czermak was born just after WW2 on a small island off the coast of Scotland where her father worked as a marine biologist. There she had, what she thinks now seemed to be an extraordinary sort of childhood, where she wandered all over the island and along the seashore by herself even as young as 4 years old, surrounded by many sorts of birds and a small wilderness. In spite of the lack of supervision, nothing untoward ever happened to her as she wandered. From childhood she had an interest in design and artistic representation but those interests developed much later with encouragement from her father who became an artist in New Zealand.

For most of her life she has lived in the southern hemisphere in New Zealand and Australia, and has worked variously as a computer programmer, as a farmer, and as a teacher. For the last seventeen years she has been exploring watercolour and since 2001 exhibited her work mainly in France (where she lived in a village in SW France for ten years) but also from time to time in Australia, where she now lives in Melbourne.  She exhibited regularly in SW France between 2001 and 2011 with multiple solo exhibitions every summer.

The best description of her style is realist, and she was a member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists. She hopes that sometimes her work may appear somewhat impressionist and is most interested in light and its effect on a subject. Trying to capture the light, and as a result, the mood of a scene seems to her more important than the details or the scene.

She tries to keep her watercolours affordable and her work can be found  in both private and official collections in France, Holland, Switzerland, UK, USA, New Zealand, Italy, Australia and Belgium.

For each watercolour painting she uses a limited palette of artist quality watercolour to achieve a harmony and all work is completed on hand made 100% cotton watercolour paper.  She occasionally experiments with pastels.


el: (03) 82881773   0421312607

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