Suzie Leahy


Arranging Petals
acrylic 55x64.5cm
Petal Play
acrylic 55x64.5cm
Palm Paradiso
acrylic 85x85cm
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About Suzie Leahy

Based in Melbourne, Suzie is a self taught artist and a lover of bold colours, pattern and texture. Easily inspired, she forever feels torn between less and more, structure and spontaneity. This has resulted in her love of creating layered works that balance the use of block colour and detail. 

Suzie has played with paint for as long as she can remember but it’s whilst she’s been on maternity leave from teaching that she’s picked up the paintbrushes again and now, can’t put them down. Using mainly acrylics, inks and oil pastels Suzie is inspired by how she feels in response to colours and shapes in nature and her surroundings. She loves discovering new methods by keeping her painting process intuitive, playful and allowing of the unexpected - a little bit chaotic, but she always feels guided by a vision within. 


Recently digital art has become a part of Suzie’s painting process. She finds creating digitally lends itself to being done on the go, encouraging her to take greater risks, with results that inspire future paintings. 

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