Tanya Samuel


Darkbloom Series: One
oil 100x100cm
Darkbloom Series: Three
oil 43x43cm
Darkbloom Series: Four
oil 43x43cm
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About Tanya Samuel

Creativity has always been a constant in my life, initially I worked as a graphic designer and fashion stylist in London where I grew up, but painting has always been what represents me. Listening to music is a really important part of my process, rhythm, composition and harmony. The art critic Walter Pater said "All art constantly aspires to the condition of music." Which really resonates with me. My work is an exploration of "otherness" meaning I strive for an element of mystery, I don't wish the viewer to immediately "read" my work. My Darkbloom Series was inspired by a trip to The National Gallery, London and the extraordinary experience of walking into a room filled with Dutch Flower paintings, I have created my own modern compositions that wish to evoke the same luminosity and colour but leaving spaces for the imagination while still being anchored in the memory of floral ephemera.

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