Tracie Grimwood


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They Had Lived in the Forest for a Very Long Time
acrylic 63x63cm

About Tracie Grimwood

Tracie Grimwood is a Melbourne based illustrator and artist. She has worked as a professional freelancer
since graduating with a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Swinburne University, Melbourne, in 1991. She
has produced illustrations for a diverse range of clients, both nationally and internationally and her many
projects include designing and illustrating several stamp issues for Australia Post and illustrating dozens of
books and book covers for a variety of publishers.
She is known for work that is emotive and whimsical with a delicate, yet rich sense of colour and texture. In
recent years she has developed her personal art practice to further explore her connection with the natural
world, in particular her love of dogs and horses, and her interest in anthropology and history, drawing on
themes from myths and folk tales.
Her painting technique references her illustration background as well as primitive and folk traditions. She
has participated in many group exhibitions and held her first solo exhibition in 2014. Her paintings and
prints can be found in private collections around the world.

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