Veronica Holland


Love is in the Air
print 90x90cm
Idle Idyll
print 85x115cm
click on artwork to see a larger version

About Veronica Holland

I have been painting professionally for about 30 years and I like to make people laugh. 

My new work is something completely different; using my ragtag collection of photographs from travelling, images from my own paintings and random... things, I have been developing intricate photoshop collages which sometimes explore the history of the world and sometimes deconstruct it. 

The finished pieces have multiple layers, literally and figuratively. There is a juggling of spaces and deliberate confusion between positive and negative space. There is a comic/visual tension between historical gravitas and slightly bonkers modern inserts.

Informed by the aesthetic of medieval tapestries, they are sabotaged by a Dadaist sense of the absurd.












The pieces seem to draw the viewer in as they see more and more and make connections between disparate components. 

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