Yvonne de Valle


Lion and the Lamb
acrylic 120x90cm
Moody Blue
oil 77x100cm
Serious Blue
oil 120x90cm
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About Yvonne de Valle

Yvonne is a multifaceted Melbourne artist who works with several mediums including Conté, acrylic, oil, watercolour and mixed media.

Yvonne’s passion for art started at a young age. As a child she would spend hours drawing and first began to realise her gift in this area as others were impressed with her artworks.

Nurturing her natural talents she studied Display & Window Dressing as a teen and Signwriting in her early twenties. After working in various creative roles Yvonne eventually married and had two precious daughters which she stayed home to raise. Although she did continue to use her creativity where she could, Yvonne has reignited her driving passion over the past few years. She calls this her ‘healthy obsession’ and strives to produce at least two pieces of art each week—whether a doodle, sketch, life drawing, portrait or mosaic—she always has her hands in several on-going projects at once.

Yvonne is inspired by the endless possibilities for creating works of art that she finds in the unique beauty of the world around her. To Yvonne the world around her provides a feast for her eyes which gets her creativity flowing—be it in her garden, the people around her or in the streets and landscapes of our amazing country. 

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