Zhonghua Fan


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Sunny day
oil 49x49cm
A Girl
oil 43x33cm
At Work
oil 44x44cm
Big Tree
oil 53x53cm
Old Nuts
oil 53x43cm
oil 43x43cm
*Country Life
oil 19x19cm
oil 23x23cm
oil/char 23x23cm
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About Zhonghua Fan

Zhonghua is a professional artist and member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA) and Whitehorse Arts Association Inc.  His works have been exhibited regularly in AGRA as well as many other exhibitions with great success.  Most of his works are listed on the online gallery (Gallery 247, http://www.gallery247.com.au/gallery/zhonghua).  A number of his works are in private collections at Melbourne as well as Western Australia. 

Most recent awards of his paintings at the art exhibitions are:

(1) Title: Life in Blue, Award: Highly commended, Camberwell Rotary Art Show, 2016.

(2) Title: Listening and Reading, Award: Highly commended, Bayside Rotary Art Show, 2015.

(3) Title: The figure, Award: Highly commended; Camberwell Rotary Art Show, 2014

(4) Title: Gumnuts, Award: Best oil painting; Knox Rotary Art show, 2014.

(5) Title: Family, Award: Best in Show, Warranwood Art Show, 2014.

 (6) Title: Birds, Award: Best in Show, Box Hill Art Group Inc. Annual Exhibition, 2013;

      Award: Best Exhibit; U3a Knox Art & Craft Show; 2013.

(7) Title: Family; Award: Highly Commended; Bayside Art Show 2013;

     Award: First Prize Overall Winner, St. Jude's Parish Annual Art Show, 2013.

(8) Title: Friends; Award: Best Painting, 43rd St Kevin's Art Show, 2013;

(9) Title:  Sunny Day; Award: Commended Painting, AGRA Spring Exhibition, 2013;

(10) Title: Tulips; Award: 1st Prize Oil/Acrylic, St. Jude's Parish Annual Art Show, 2012.

(11) Title: Small Town; Award: Best In Show, Box Hill Art Group Inc. Annual Exhibition, 2012.

(12) Title: Figure Standing; Award: Best Painting, Knox Art Exhibition, 2011.

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