Geoff Cunningham


The Red Dress
ACR 94x80cm
ACR 75x65cm
Blown Away
ACR 92x62cm
Throw Your Arms Around Me
ACR 76x76cm
Pat Me Please
ACR 75x62cm
The Lap Cat
ACR 75x62cm
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About Geoff Cunningham

“My interest in nostalgia, fashion and the absurd are constant themes in my art - I make social comment on the present by evoking the past. To me, art is about emotion; be it a sense of nostalgia, self-reflection, sadness or humour - but the final image must be engaging and hopefully something you want on your wall!

I have successfully exhibited at The Hong Kong (2017)and Singapore (2016) Contemporary Art shows. I have been a feature artist at several shows such as St.Kevins, Mt.Eliza, Fairfield Art4All, Brunswick, Mountview & Roberts McCubbin Art Shows. Finalist in the 2016 Gallipoli Art Prize.

Originally from Albury, New South Wales, I moved to Melbourne to study Graphic Design, graduating from Swinburne University. After working in the graphic arts industry for fifteen years, I made the leap into the world of fine art. Completely self taught, I have worked very hard to develop a unique style and have been a full-time artist since 2007. I specialise in stencil paintings, but have also worked extensively with acrylic paint and linocut printing.

I am currently represented by The Manyung Gallery Group (Mt.Eliza, Sorrento, Malvern), Seaview Gallery in Queenscliff, and the Hawthorn Studio Gallery.

I have an upcoming exhibition with Joe Blundell at the Hawthorn Studio Gallery from September 11th - 24th 2018.

If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my website at: or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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