Mardi Busby


Elements In Rust
MIXED 91x91cm
Seaspray (triptych)
ACRYLIC 46x46cm
ACRYLIC 91x91cm
Botanicals In Red (triptych)
MIXED 100x100cm
ACRYLIC 102x102cm
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About Mardi Busby

Mardi has worked in various creative design fields throughout her 35 year career, including graphic, visual and image design; operating two successful art businesses during that time. A decade ago she made the decision to turn her energies toward her passion for painting as a medium of self-expression. This arena proved to be very fertile soil for her deeply creative instincts, enabling her to find fulfillment and a freedom she had not experienced in any other previous work.

Mardi has been extremely fortunate during her journey to have had the guidance and mentoring of some very well-known artists and illustrators and their encouragement and direction has helped her to evolve and grow immensely as a practicing artist. This impact is evident with the current body of work we find her exploring.

Inspired by the sense of wonder and the innocence of children, Mardi found herself wanting to capture their essence and individuality with large portrait-like paintings utilising very free and fluid methods. This fascination and intrigue with the intrinsic beauty of a child’s face was also sparked when she began exploring adolescence and young adults and the similarities they seemed to portray as they begin their journey into adulthood.

Her ability to capture a moment, a look, or a thought, with sensitivity to each unique characteristic is evident, whereby she gently applies transparent layers to gradually create an artistic likeness. Emerging from these subtle layers we find ourselves being witness to a moment in time. Beautifully framed with clean simply lines and archival quality, the deckle edged original artwork is enhanced, yet unspoilt, offering the viewer a meaningful connection.

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