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Mardi Busby

Mardi Busby enjoys working in a variety of mediums on contemporary canvases. Various surface reactions create a rich textural component to her work. Mardi explores the qualities of acrylics, oils, modelling compounds, lustrous glazes and the tension between wet and dry mediums. By applying layers of paint she is able to scrape back, scratch into and scare the surface in order to discover the desired effect. Her willingness to embrace the unpredictable through this exploration tests the limits of possibilities, allowing for controlled accidents which often resulting in unique outcomes. This instinctive approach to her painting, coupled with her passion for discovering new aesthetic qualities, means her work is constantly evolving. She has recently been exploring the use of watercolours on heavy textured aquarelle paper applying the paint in her loose and free style that she is known for.

Mardi has worked in various creative design fields throughout her life, including graphic, visual and image design. Having run two successful businesses she has now turned her considerable energies to her passion as a practising artist. She has enjoyed furthering her artistic knowledge in recent years under the guidance some well known artists and illustrators. She hopes people viewing her work will respond to its multi layered depths with curiosity and pleasure.


2008 Exhibition

Freedom I
MIXED 102x102cm

Freedom II
MIXED 61x122cm

Dawn Departure
MIXED 122x122cm

From Here To There
MIXED 122x122cm

MIXED 102x102cm

No Boundaries
MIXED 92x92cm
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