Mardi Busby


Freedom I
MIXED 102x102cm
Freedom II
MIXED 61x122cm
Dawn Departure
MIXED 122x122cm
From Here To There
MIXED 122x122cm
MIXED 102x102cm
No Boundaries
MIXED 92x92cm
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About Mardi Busby

Mardi’sinstinctive eye for detail, and the possible creative inspirations thatconstantly presented themselves on a daily basis meant that a creative vocationwas the natural choice for her. Developing a passion for painting through theencouragement, guidance and mentoring of some well-known artists over a numberof years enabled her to find the fulfillment and sense of freedom she wassearching for. Their influences have helped her evolve and grow immensely as a practicing artist, which in turn has seen her work receive recognition withboth awards and sales, both nationally and internationally.

Alwaysdrawn to organic textures, colors and shapes that exude a natural palette, butalso possess uncluttered, clean simple lines, has continuously influenced herpaintings. Whether it’s with the abstract work where she incorporates theseelements to convey something in a more fluid and loose style, or her otherworks, where we find ourselves taking in a more recognisable image, theseinfluences are constantly present. 


Mardiloves being surrounded by nature and the solitude she finds in her art studio,located near the artist inspired community of Monsalvat in Eltham, a leafyouter suburb of Melbourne. Thestillness and calm, often in direct contrast to her constantly creative mind,enables her to relax into her work where time becomes irrelevant and sheconnects with her creative flow.

2011  Red Hill - Art Feature Artist
2011  Parade College Art Show - Honorable Mentin
2011  Amberley Art Show - Contemporary Award
2013  Parade College Art Show - Contemporary Award
2015  Parade College Art Show - Feature Artist
2015  St Kevin's Art Show - Best Oil in Show
2015  Camberwell Art Show - Highly Commended

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