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Meredith Gaston

Meredith Gaston's whimsical, heartfelt artworks sing about happiness and sensitivity. Exhibited in high profile galleries, glossy magazines and books, and treasured in private collections worldwide; Meredith's works speak to the young at heart via their joyful encapsulations of her world.

Meredith's greatest inspiration is finding the beauty and magic in seemingly simple, everyday things. She is passionate about expressing the tenderness of human emotions, and in capturing the way we interact with each other and the vibrant world around us. Meredith's use of bold, warm colours and her simple forms capture a childlike sense of wonderment, and harness the boundless potential of the imagination. Her paintings often capture scenes of stories both old and imagined, such as a magical version of Noah's Ark or a blossoming family tree.

Meredith's second book with Penguin and her first solo project 'Tucked In' was released in March 2011. Balm for the world weary and nurturing for those having a 'doona day', 'Tucked In' features countless dreamy watercolours in conjunction with Meredith's homespun words. Meredith also collaborates on many projects, recently donating sets of affirmation cards in watercolour to support The Breast Cancer Network of Australia in research and funding. Meredith's works are now being featured on fashion designs and beautiful home wares both in Australia and overseas.

Meredith is currently ensconced in her inspiring Blue Mountains nest, and is busy painting and working on her third book. When not in her studio Meredith can be found baking cakes, writing letters, and exploring her tangled beauty of a garden.

Selected Exhibitions March 2012, Meredith Gaston at Artist's Haven Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA February 2012, Meredith Gaston in 'Valentines' Manyung Gallery, Malven, Melbourne November 2011 "On The Edge', Trevisan International Art Gallery, Galleria De' Marchi, Bologna, Italy November 2011 Balmain Art Show, Balmain, Sydney October, 2011 Meredith Gaston at Art2Muse gallery, Double Bay, Sydney. June 2011 "The World Aglow" Meredith Gaston at Glenferrie Road Contemporary Art, Malvern, Melbourne April 2011, Canterbury Art Exhibition, Canterbury, Victoria April 2011 Meredith Gaston in Wonderland, Amelia Johnson Contemporary Art Gallery, Soho, Hong Kong April 2011 - Canterbury Art Show, Canterbury, Victoria March 2011 - Art2Muse, Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney October 2010 - Meredith Gaston at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney August 2010 - 'Colours of the World', Manyung Gallery, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria May 2010 - 'Birds of a Feather' - Eliza Piro and Meredith Gaston, Glenferrie Road Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne May 2010 - Canterbury Art Show, Melbourne November 2009 - Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney October 2009 - Balmain Art Show 2009 October 2008 - Balmain Art Show 2008 September 2009 - Tudor House Show, Moss Vale, NSW May 2009, Canterbury Art Exhibition, Cantebury, Victoria September 2008 - Art2Muse at the Tom Dunne Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney August 2008 - Art2Muse at the Washhouse Gallery, Rozelle, Sydney October 2007 - Balmain Art Show 2007 September 2007 - Meredith Gaston & Lyndal Campbell - Art2Muse at the MLC Gallery May 2007 - Canterbury Art Show, Feature Artist, Canterbury Primary School, Melbourne April 2007 - Melbourne 07 Royal Exhibition Centre, Carlton Gardens October 2006 - Balmain Art Show 2006 August 2006 - Solo show Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria June 2006 - Art2Muse, Simmer on the Bay, Sydney June 2006 - Art Sydney 06, Horden Pavillion, Sydney May 2006 - Canterbury Art Show, Canterbury Primary School, Canterbury Victoria April 2006 - Affordable Art Show, Royal Exhibition Centre, Carlton Gardens Victoria February 2006 - Brian Moore (Harrison Galleries) February Show, Paddington November 2005 - Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsular Victoria September 2005 - Dissonance Women's Exhibition- Kudos Gallery Paddington

For more on Meredith Gaston see www.meredithgaston.com


2006 Exhibition

Birds (Day)
ACRYLIC 77x107cm

Birds (Night)
ACRYLIC 77x107cm

Pomegranate Faces
ACRYLIC 60x60cm

Milk And Honey Faces
ACRYLIC 60x60cm

Avoca Hills At Dusk (diptych)
ACRYLIC 76x152cm

Love and Maintenance
ACRYLIC 30x30cm

Saturday Series 2
ACRYLIC 30x30cm

Saturday Series 3
ACRYLIC 30x30cm
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