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1 - 3 May 2015

About the 2014 Exhibition

The Canterbury Art Exhibition will hold its 42nd exhibition on the 2nd – 4th of May 2014. From its inception in 1973 it has gained a reputation for its contemporary outlook and high artistic standards. This exciting annual event is held in the new buildings of Canterbury Primary School in Molesworth Street, Canterbury.

This year the Exhibition will showcase over 600 individual artworks from over 150 talented Australian artists. A highlight of the exhibition will be the work of feature artists, Susan Romyn and Gerry Knight

Susan Romyn

Susan graduated with a Bachelor of Education - Arts and Crafts MCAE in 1987. Since then she has held numerous teaching positions in the Arts and is currently choosing to stay at home to focus on her two children and her artistic endeavors.

Susan has spent the last fifteen years using the process of shellac etching and finds it a very satisfying form of printing. She finds it to be more subtle and instant than a metal plate. It has the added attraction of surprise every time the paper is lifted from the press.

Susan exhibits mainly on the Surfcoast, where she lives in Aireys Inlet, and she is represented in commercial galleries all over Australia.

Susan finds her influences in daily life - trying to focus on the whimsical and the preciousness of every moment. Her topics are often thoughtful and consist of many layers.

Susan has finished dabbling in acrylic painting... now doing it as much as printing and loving the colour and texture it lends to her imagery.

Susan spends time in Japan in each year and is at present exploring this experience visually...and loving it.

Susan is now exploring sculpture and is studying silver-smithing, which she loves. She has some of her silverwork in the Canterbury Art Show Gift Shop.

Susan's website will give updated images and upcoming events.

Susan Romyn 3

Susan Romyn 8

Gerry Knight

I am a painter/printmaker working with oil paint and lino cut as my chosen mediums, full time in my studio in Mt Eliza.

I am profoundly moved by colour, often a whole subject of a painting can be based around a colour inspiration and I cannot get it on canvas quickly enough! I paint and print in a predominately expressive contemporary style, focusing on the life force within the subject, I paint more as I feel the subject, rather than how I see it, often with a naive bent.

When I look closely at a landscape the colours speak and dominate. They start to pulsate and take on a life of their own; The blue black of the tree silhouette against the pale haze of the sky, the bold Australian gold red of the cliff surface highlighted by the grey, green foliage. Shapes catch my interest, not just the object but also the negative space in between. I may bring an interesting shape of a curved road, twist and turn it, so that its perspective is distorted and exaggerated and bring this into the picture plane.

Being a printmaker also, my work if often influenced by the Japanese style prints, flat planes of colour and bold dark outlines – a very two dimensional look, this is also evident in my paintings. It is the strong graphic simple styles that please me the most. I also love the shapes such as spirals, squiggles, dots and dashes. I add texture with layers of medium and paint. I like my painting to have a history, brush strokes and line where I have changed the composition and layers of different colours coming through from below. These techniques all add to the history of the work and help tell a story. Often I will paint and print the same subject a few times to totally explore its nuances. I hope my work gives you a sense of a love of life and as much pleasure as it gives me in creating it, yours in art, Gerry Knight.

Gerry Knight - *The End of a Perfect Day

   Gerry Knight - Summertime - Peninsula Style

Please join us for one or all of the following:

Opening Night Friday 2nd May from 8pm – 11pm.

Entry fee of $50 includes all food, entertainment, catalogue and weekend entry.

Saturday 3rd May from 10am – 5pm.

Sunday 4th May from 10am – 4pm (Family Day activities provided by Camp Australia).

Weekend Entry fee is $5 for adults and children are free. The Café and Gift Shop will be open all weekend and children’s activities will be offered at Family Day on Sunday.

All works of art are sold on a commission basis with the proceeds directly benefiting Canterbury Primary School.