Privacy Policy

The Canterbury Art Exhibition is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors. This policy document outlines how we handle private information.

General Principles

  • Any private information which we aquire will be used only for the purpose it is provided.
  • Private information will not be made public, sold, or passed on to others who have no connection with the purpose the information is provided.
  • To do otherwise we must have your permission or be required by law.

Covered By This Policy


Mailing List

The Canterbury Art News mailing list maintains a collection of email addresses of its members. Members may join and leave the list at any time. Anyone can be a member. Member email addresses are considered to be private personal information and are protected according to this policy.

Member email addresses will only be used for sending Canterbury Art News. The addresses will not be made available to other list members. The addresses will only be made available to those stated under Who Has Access below.

Web Server Logs

As part of the normal operation of a web server some aspects of visitor requests are recorded. The information recorded for a web request does not include any personal information but does include some information which might identify the network connection of the visitor.

All web server logs will be protected as private information under this policy except to generate coarse statistics which obscure any association with individual visitor connections.


The only cookies this site uses are for google analytics. The analytics collected are treated the same as web server logs.

Who Has Access

Private information will be accessed only by members of the Canterbury Art Exhibition Committee and it's supplier of web services, Lagado. All people with access will be bound by this privacy policy and required to take care that all private information is handled in a way that conforms to the policy.

No other access will be allowed unless required by law or authorised by the owner of the private information.

More Information

Find out about Canterbury Art Exhibition at

Our artist privacy policy is here.

For more information about privacy in Australia see

Please contact us with any further questions.

This policy last revised 29 Mar 2011 - change to cookies.
This policy previously revised 10 Apr 2003