Sally Courtney


Measure Up (Lge)
Mixed 51x52cm
Measure Up (Sml)
Mixed 45x41cm
Four Foot
MIxed 30x30cm
White Measures
Mixed 30x30cm
Small Measures
Mixed 25x28cm
20 Odd Inches
Mixed 25x28cm
One Foot
Mixed 25x28cm
60 Odd Inches
MIxed 25x28cm
Mixed 30x30cm
*Made to Measure
Mixed 30x30cm
*A Foot by Foot
Mixed 30x30cm
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About Sally Courtney

Sally Courtney has a Diploma in Graphic Design coupled with a background in illustration, photography and sculpture. After spending a year in Graphic Design, Sally ventured into her own giftware business selling locally and internationally. The last eight years Sally has focused on her true passion of painting and sculpture, her style is eclectic with a quirky and cheerful perspective. When Sally is not working on a commission piece of artwork. When Sally is not working on a commission piece or exhibiting artwork, she is working at her new business. Opened January 2013, S&J Framing Workshop, 431 - 433 High Street Rd, Prahran (90907679) - Sally is enjoying doing or directing custom framing, framing classes and gallery.

Sally’s paintings this year will feature a Circus stage theme along with 3D and 2D collages, made from vintage rulers Sally sourced from various overseas locations.

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