Opening Night Sales

  • Doors open at 7.30 pm
  • The Sales Office is located in the Leadership Centre (behind the School Gymnasium)
  • Buyers will be served in turn on a ‘first come, first served’ basis
  • Sales will commence at 7.30pm
  • Telephone sales will not be accepted before 9.30pm on Opening Night

Weekend Sales

  • Sales room is open from 10am – 5pm Saturday and 10 am – 4pm Sunday. 
  • The Sales Office is located in the Leadership Centre (behind the School Gymnasium)
  • Buyers will be served in turn on a ‘first come, first served’ basis

Sales process

  1. The details of the artwork for purchase will be confirmed using the visual guide (sales book) in the sales room.  If a phone order, confirmation using artist name, artwork catalogue number, art work title and general description of colours/ content will be required by the purchaser.
  2. The availability that the artwork is for sale will be confirmed in the Master Catalogue.  Whilst all care is take to ensure art sales are correctly recorded, should errors occur, the artwork will be sold to the first buyer.  Any subsequent purchaser will have their payment refunded (or be offered a commission should the buyer and artist agree)
  3. The purchasing details will be written up in an Artwork Purchase Receipt Book.  Personal details will be retained by the Canterbury Art Exhibition committee for our own record keeping purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Copies of the Privacy Policy are available in the Sales room and on the Canterburyart website
  4. Confirmation of the following details
    a.    Artwork remains at the Exhibition until Art Collection Time (between 6 – 7.30pm on Sunday, the final Exhibition day)
    b.    Sales Terms and Conditions.  The Canterbury Art Exhibitions Sales process complies with the Australian Consumer Law terms and Conditions. 
              i.    No refunds will be provided due to ‘change of mind’
    c.     Payment in full is required to secure the purchase of the artwork. 
  5. Payment taken
    a.    All purchases must be made in full.
    b.    Methods of payment include: Cash, EFTPOS and Credit Card (Mastercard and VISA)
    c.     AMEX is not accepted.
  6. On completion if payment a copy of the Artwork Purchase Receipt will we provided with payment receipt (Eftpos or Cash receipt).
  7. Sold items will be marked with a red dot sticker.  Three red dot stickers per artwork are marked with the receipt number, with 1 dot being stuck to the Master Sales board (located in the salesroom) and 2 to the artwork itself (numbered on side and top/bottom).  Art Runners may help with this step.

Phone Orders

  • We encourage everyone to visit the exhibition to see the art in person.  If that is not possible, try to have someone you know and trust visit the art.
  • The website provides a good representation of the art but it may not always be good enough.  All art is represented as a similar size on the website and no frames are shown.  Some computers may show colours differently and errors could have occurred in the photographic process.
  • To order by phone you must be prepared to accept the possible variation between the web version and the real artwork.
  • Phone orders available from 9.30 pm – 11pm Opening Night.  Phone orders also available during weekend exhibition hours: Saturday 10am – 5pm; Sunday 10am – 4pm.
  • Freight and insurance costs are the responsibility of the purchaser and are not included in the price of the artwork.

Sales Enquiries

To discuss a sale please call 0401 663 808

Art Guides

If you have any questions about and artist or a particular painting, please approach one of our art guides for assistance.  They will be very happy to help you in any way they can. Our Guides will be wearing Information name tags.

(Buyers Page updated 1/05/2018)