artwork photographs

The Canterbury Art Exhibition has an online catalogue that provides the opportunity for artists to further enhance the promotion of their works by including photographs on the site.

This document outlines how the exhibition will source the artwork photographs and how they will be used.

Photograph Sources

  • Artist Supplied Digital Photographs
    Artists supply digital photographs of their works on entering them. These should conform to the supplied digital photograph specifications below. Please make sure that the relevant photograph is attached to the applicable title entry of each artwork on submission.

Supplied Digital Photograph Specifications

  • Format JPEG - preferably large basic setting
  • Maximum file size 5MB
  • Minimum size of longer side 1000 pixels
  • Colour profile sRGB
  • Images should be cropped to best showcase the artwork only without stand/easel/furniture in the photograph

When will artwork photos appear on the site?

We aim to have photographs on the website soon after they are received from the artist.

Should photographs not be supplied on entry of the artworks no image will appear on the website. It is in the artists interest to ensure that the supplied photograph is the best possible image of the artwork for promotion purposes.

In extreme cases and by prior arrangement we may substitute photographs taken by the exhibition photographer when a better result can be achieved than using artist supplied photographs.

To assure early appearance on the website please upload your photographs with your entry as soon as you can.

Copyright on Artwork Photographs

Artist supplied artwork photographs will have a copyright owned by the artist or the artist's photographer.

A great deal of care will be taken to protect the interests of the artist and their rights in the copyright of the underlying artworks.

The artwork photographic images will be used only for the promotion of the Canterbury Art Exhibition. The artwork images will always be accompanied by some text which attributes the depicted artwork to the artist. The uses will include placement on the public website with size limitations outlined below and a copyright notice to browsers. The artwork images will be contained in an online catalogue which will be available from prior to the exhibition to an indefinite period afterwards (probably years). The artwork images may also be used in advertising to promote the exhibition or in editorial articles which are promoting the exhibition. Any other use must be authorised by the artist.

The artist may request that the artwork images be removed from public display at any time by sending email to

The artist may use the website which may include photographs of their artwork and other promotional material at any time to aid in ongoing promotion of their work. Each artist will have a page which can be bookmarked that leads directly to promotion of their works alone. (eg:

Public Website Photograph Size Limit

The size of all photographs of artist works displayed on the public website will be limited. Artwork photographs made available to the public on the website will not exceed 1000 pixels on any side.

This upgraded limit allows us to take advantage of the great improvements in the resolution of screen devices that have occurred in recent years. Modern screens on a wide variety of devices, including phones, tablets, TVs, laptop and desktop computers, are capable of showing rich media experiences. We can use these improvements to provide more effective promotion of artworks to online exhibition visitors.

The 1000 pixel limit applies from the 2014 exhibition. All artists that enter this and future exhibitions will have all their artwork images displayed with this limit, including their artwork images from past exhibitions.

Artwork photographs from exhibitions prior to 2014 will remain at the original size limit of 500 pixels on any side - unless upgraded automatically by an artist entering a recent exhibition or by an artist requesting an upgrade.

Revised 30-January-2018 - Update for new art photograph sourcing

Revised 6-March-2014 - Changed:  Photograph Sources, Supplied Digital Photograph Specifications & Public Website Photograph Size Limit

Revised 8-May-2010 - Changed: Supplied Digital Photograph Specifications

Previously revised 17 November 2002